Magnitude and Determinants of Under-Five Mortality and its Association with Maternal Mental Distress in Gamo Gofa Zone, Ethiopia

Girma Temam
Although there is documented reduction in under-five mortality in the country (Ethiopia), the mortality rates are still high that about one in every 21 Ethiopian children die before their first birthday and one in every 15 children die before their fifth birthday. Besides, it is clear that efforts should be continued to sustain the reduction of mortalities to achieve the newly endorsed sustainable development goals (SDGs) target. The death of a child is one of the most stressful events that a
more » ... ful events that a mother may experience during the course of her lifetime and may lead to sustained mental health effect. Studies investigating post child loss maternal mental health status in developing countries, particularly in Ethiopia are rare. There are inconsistencies with regard to determinants of under-five mortality found by few previous studies. As Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) sites are becoming sources of evidence for magnitude and cause of mortalities in areas where vital event registrations are lacking (especially in Africa, Asia and Oceania), mortality rates in such sites in comparison with non-DSS areas need to be investigated. As the Arba Minch DSS is new, mortality studies in general and determinants of under-five mortality and its relation with maternal mental distress in particular are limited. All these call for investigating determinant factors of childhood mortality and its effect on maternal mental wellbeing to strengthen existing ones and design new interventions gearing to the specific context/community for sustained reduction of mortality and improvement of maternal mental well-being for attainments of maternal and child health related targets of SDGs. Objective: To assess the magnitude and determinants of under-five mortality and its association with maternal mental distress in Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region, Ethiopia. Methodology: Mixes of methods were utilized to address each of the specific objectives. Accordingly, prevalence (simple cross-sectional) stud [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/13228 fatcat:szr6zh6oqzc47ovks2zu6e63bu