Multiloop tracking distance measuring device of radio-technical tracking system of high-manavable aircrafts

Radhwan Mohammed Jawad Kadhim
2018 Наука і техніка Повітряних Сил Збройних Сил України  
Розвиток, бойове застосування та озброєння радіотехнічних військ 69 UDC 396.65 One of the important parameters evaluated in radio-technical systems of trajectory measurements is the distance to the tracking object. In view of the emergence of highly maneuverable aircrafts, the existing range autoselectors cannot effectively track the distance to such objects. Therefore, the work solves the problem of synthesis of a multiloop distance measuring device based on the estimation of the higher
more » ... f the higher derivatives of the distance to the object. The models of the monitored and controlled processes are considered, the algorithm and the structure of the quasioptimal meter are proposed. Keywords: highly maneuverable aircrafts, tracking distance measuring device, auto-range provider, controller design of distance measuring device. digital automatic tracking and ranging system.
doi:10.30748/nitps.2018.33.09 fatcat:wsuplk4u5vbbxe4o6zxsmw47by