K+pElastic Scattering at 2.53, 2.76, and3.20 GeVc

J. Whitmore, G. S. Abrams, L. Eisenstein, J. Kim, T. A. O'Halloran, W. Shufeldt
1971 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
The present report concerns three experiments of K+ and K~ mesons performed at CERN in the Saclay 80 cm hydrogen bubble chamber. I. The first experiment is a study of elastic scattering in a collaboration between Brussels, CERN and Stockholm. Preliminary results are presented below. The angular distribution of the elastic scattering shows a dominant diffraction peak (Fig. 1) . The angular distribution is fitted by an exponential, which corresponds to an optical model with black disc. The slope
more » ... ck disc. The slope of the exponential is directly related to the disc radius. The slope of the diffraction pattern is given as a function of K+ momentum on Fig. 2 . Our results are shown together with those obtained by other groups [1, 21. A shrinking of the diffraction peak is observed, which is related to the increase of the inelastic cross section, while the total cross section remains constant. II. The second experiment is a study of reaction
doi:10.1103/physrevd.3.1092 fatcat:slmg5p25ere33kuxplika7p6mu