On atmospheric zonal to eddy kinetic energy exchange for January 1963 [report]

John Brown, University Corporation For Atmospheric Research (UCAR):National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR):NCAR Library (NCARLIB)
An estimate of the exchange of kinetic energy between the large-scale atmospheric eddies and the zonal flow for January 1963 for the troposphere north of 20��N latitude has been made by means of a quasi-geostrophic method. This more complete result is compared with the anamolous one obtained earlier by Wiin-Nielsen, Brown and Drake (1964). The monthly averaged exchange values are in very good agreement. However, the results of the present study indicate that the estimates of the lateral and
more » ... the lateral and vertical boundary terms must be taken into account when studying the kinetic energy balance over this portion of the atmosphere.
doi:10.5065/d6c8276f fatcat:ny46aqz5zfcsbjznsjzijiaahi