The Natural Frequency of an Electric Circuit Having an Iron Magnetic Circuit

H.G. Cordes
1919 Proceedings of the IRE  
The natural frequency of a circuit depends upon inductance and capacitance and is modified by resistance and conductance in the circuit. When the inductance consists of a coil which has an iron magnetic circuit, the effective value of the inductance of the coil becomes a variable. The change in the value of the inductance is attributed to eddy currents induced in the iron. The eddy currents vary with the conductivity and permeability of the iron and the thickness of the laminations. Other
more » ... ations. Other factors remaining constant, the frequency of an oscillatory circuit depends upon the value of the inductance and the effective inductance depends upon the frequency of the oscillating current in the circuit. The problem to be solved consists in finding an expression showing a relation between these two interdependent quantities.
doi:10.1109/jrproc.1919.217417 fatcat:57olruodmfhefjltdkje5esp4u