Modelling and forecasting the hydroecological systems pollution dynamics by using a chaos theory methods: II. advanced chaos data on pollution of the Small Carpathians river's watersheds

A.V. Glushkov, O.Yu. Khetselius, N.G. Serbov, Yu.Ya. Bunyakova, V.V. Buyadzhi, E.P. Solyanikova
2017 Ukrainian hydrometeorological journal  
This paper goes on our advanced quantitative studying results of a pollution dynamics for variations hydroecological systems, namely, the nitrates etc concentrations dynamics for a number of the Small Carpathians river's watersheds in the Eastern Slovakia. The different methods and algorithms of the chaos theory (chaos-geometric approach) and dynamical systems theory have been used in the advanced versions. New more exact data on chaotic behaviour of the nitrates concentration time series in
more » ... n time series in the watersheds of the Small Carpathians are presented. In previous paper [1] to reconstruct the corresponding attractor, the time delay and embedding dimension have been needed and computed. The parameters are determined by the methods of autocorrelation function and average mutual information. Besides, there are used the advanced versions of the correlation dimension method and algorithm of false nearest neighbours. The Fourier spectrum of the con-centration of nitrates in the water catchment area Ondava: Stropkov for the period 1969-1996 is listed. Here we present new advanced data on the correlation dimension (d2), embedding dimension (dE), Kaplan-Yorke dimension (dL), average limit of predictability (Prmax) and parameter K for the nitrates concentrations in the watersheds of the Small Carpathians.
doi:10.31481/uhmj.16.2015.24 fatcat:i4sms76cunbphnkc7vog2vcitu