The prevalence, development and domain specificity of elementary school students' achievement goal profiles

Joost Jansen in de Wal, Lisette Hornstra, Frans J. Prins, Thea Peetsma, Ineke van der Veen
2015 Educational Psychology  
This study's aim was to examine the prevalence, development and domain specificity of fifthand sixth-grade elementary school students' achievement goal profiles. Achievement goals were measured for language and mathematics among 722 pupils at three points in time. These data were analysed through latent profile analysis and latent transition analysis. Results indicated that three similar goal profiles could be discerned at all measurement waves for both language and mathematics. Profiles were
more » ... belled 'multiple goals', 'approach oriented' and 'moderate/indifferent'. In both mathematics and language, around 80% of the participants remained stable in their goal profiles across measurements. Students who transitioned between goal profiles mostly moved from less to more favourable profiles. Profile membership and transitions between profiles were found to be relatively domain general with 60% overlap between domains. The high level of stability over time and across domains suggests that students' goal profiles represent relatively stable personal dispositions.
doi:10.1080/01443410.2015.1035698 fatcat:sis6rku6a5grnjm7mfx23bndqa