Irreverent Persia : Invective, Satirical and Burlesque Poetry from the Origins to the Timurid Periode (10th to 15th Centuries) [book]

Riccardo Zipoli
The Iranian Studies Series publishes high-quality scholarship on various aspects of Iranian civilisation, covering both contemporary and classical cultures of the Persian cultural area. The contemporary Persian-speaking area includes Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Central Asia, while classical societies using Persian as a literary and cultural language were located in Anatolia, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. The objective of the series is to foster studies of
more » ... literary, historical, religious and linguistic products in Iranian languages. In addition to research monographs and reference works, the series publishes English-Persian critical text-editions of important texts. The series intends to publish resources and original research and make them accessible to a wide audience. A.A. Seyed-Gohrab (Leiden University) advisory board of iss Lay-out: TAT Zetwerk, Utrecht isbn 978 90 8728 227 1 e-isbn 978 94 0060 212 0 (ePDF) e-isbn 978 94 0060 213 7 (ePub) nur 635 chief editor
doi:10.24415/9789087282271 fatcat:bcrc2hjdtrfgxlmcarzsczxapq