Simulating Cloud Environment in Single Host Machine by Applying Virtual Switches in VMware

2020 Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems  
Computer virtualization in its simplest form is where one physical Server simulates being several separate servers and it allows one server to handle various functions or processes. It enables a single system to concurrently run multiple isolated virtual machines (VMs), operating systems or multiple instances of a single operating system and It minimizes resource requirements of hardware and software, minimizes power consumption, increases utilizations, maximizes hardware processing power,
more » ... cessing power, minimizes the work costs in the data center and maximizes the usage of available resources. Virtualization is a partitioning of single physical server into multiple logical servers. This paper work highly focuses on the configuration of virtual switch, Virtual Bridge, Virtual Host adapters and NAT devices. This paper work is implemented by using one host computer, one virtual bridge, two virtual Ethernet switches and three virtual machines.
doi:10.7176/ceis/11-4-02 fatcat:tinfqwbxgrdunlu3dc6nsh5qmq