Toward Intelligent Biped-Humanoids Gaits Generation [chapter]

Nizar Rokbani, Boudour Ammar, Adel M.
2009 Humanoid Robots  
In this chapter we will highlight our experimental studies on natural human walking analysis and introduce a biologically inspired design for simple bipedal locomotion system of humanoid robots. Inspiration comes directly from human walking analysis and human muscles mechanism and control. A hybrid algorithm for walking gaits generation is then proposed as an innovative alternative to classically used kinematics and dynamic equations solving, the gaits include knee, ankle and hip trajectories.
more » ... he proposed algorithm is an intelligent evolutionary based on particle swarm optimization paradigm. This proposal can be used for small size humanoid robots, with a knee an ankle and a hip and at least six Degrees of Freedom (DOF).
doi:10.5772/6732 fatcat:nrkqslhg7vablavcw77ub25iii