Vanadium-doped semi-insulating SiC single crystal growth by using porous graphite
다공성 흑연 소재를 이용한 바나듐 도핑된 반절연 SiC 단결정 성장의 특성 연구

Dong-Hun Lee, Hwang-Ju Kim, Young-Gon Kim, Su-Hun Choi, Mi-Seon Park, Yeon-Suk Jang, Won-Jae Lee, Kwang-Hee Jung, Tae-Hee Kim, Yi-Sik Choi
2016 Journal of the Korean Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology  
Vanadium-doped SiC crystals have been grown by using a porous graphite inner crucible filled with vanadium carbide (VC) and by using a porous graphite plate and SiC + VC powders, respectively. Semi-insulating SiC crystals were grown onto the 6H-SiC seed crystals by PVT (Physical Vapor Transport) method. The grown crystals were indicated to be 6H-SiC polytype by XRD. As result of SIMS analysis, vanadium-rich precipitates were observed when the vanadium concentration was relatively higher than
more » ... vely higher than the maximum solubility of vanadium (3-5 × 10 1 7 cm − 3 ) in vanadium-doped SiC crystals, which resulted in degradation of crystal quality.
doi:10.6111/jkcgct.2016.26.6.215 fatcat:q5z4drpzw5cxlnbnpfu6lt36vy