Attapulgite Based Composite Adsorbents for Adsorption Refrigeration

Lingbao Wang
2013 Asian Journal of Chemistry  
To develop a high performance adsorbent for adsorption refrigeration, the composite adsorbents of CaCl2/attapulgite (AT) are prepared. Experimental researches are carried out to investigate the influence of the content of CaCl2 and calcination conditions such as the temperature and duration on the performance of CaCl2/attapulgite. The results indicate that the water vapour uptake of CaCl2/attapulgite augments with CaCl2 content increasing and the calcination conditions also have an important
more » ... luence on the adsorption performance of CaCl2/ attapulgite. The optimal calcination temperature and duration are 300 ºC and 2 h, respectively.
doi:10.14233/ajchem.2013.14871 fatcat:dt2ben2pzbbzzpkgo3ia4xkgfi