Buried-heterostructure AlGaAs lasers on semi-insulating substrates

1981 Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication   unpublished
was chemically etched in order to obtain a pinch-off voltage of 35 V and an / DSS of 35 mA, as can be seen on Fig. 2 . In this example, the transconductance is 12 mA/V, i.e. 60 mA/V/mm. This result can be considered as typical for a doping level of 10 17 cm" 3 and a full planar structure with the same gate length. A voltage shift of 0-5 V is apparent in the characteristics (Fig. 2) , due to the knee voltage of the Schottky diode. Such transistors have also been measured under high drain
more » ... and a typical example is given in Fig. 3 . It can be seen that, near I D ss, the breakdown voltage is about 25 V and a mean value of 30 V is obtained before irreversible breakdown. This voltage shows an improvement of about 15 V compared with a conventional planar MESFET device.
doi:10.1364/ofc.1981.mb3 fatcat:ehjyuqf2sndula6eigw62b4y3m