Book reviews

2006 Journal of Applied Statistics  
Verlag 2005 pp. xxiv þ 432, £51.50, ISBN 0 387 40271 3 This book represents a very appealing and interesting guide on the topic of modern longitudinal data analysis. The purpose of this book is to teach readers how to think about and analyse longitudinal data. It is indeed an ideal and carefully written text to be used as a reference guide for practitioners and applied researchers, emphasising issues related to the specification, understanding and interpretation of longitudinal data models.
more » ... al data models. Conclusions are based on graphical analysis of the data, analysis of time trends and covariates, and modelling of the covariance matrix. This book is an up to date and very complete textbook for a graduate-level course for students in statistics and/or biostatistics. It could also be a valuable reference for quantitatively oriented graduate students in other disciplines such as, education, public health, psychology, biology or sociology. It is required that readers have a solid background in regression analysis. The book presents a detailed discussion of different models for covariance structure and the improper analysis of some longitudinal data sets. Additionally, it introduces the necessary theoretical background to understand the proposed models, clarifying their assumptions and relative merits.
doi:10.1080/02664760600644100 fatcat:3kcbzcsxebhvrbzsr5y6nv3cvu