Perasiriyan, Chandrakala, Sivakumar
2013 Online) An Online International Journal Available at   unpublished
Tea is a most popular alcoholic beverage shown to have antioxidant properties. Tea based drinks are prepared by using water as a main ingredient. The tea powder added to the water contributes to zero calories, zero fat and zero protein but contains up to 25% of poly phenols of their dry weight. Whey based tea in the present study is reported to be a healthy drink with tested quality parameters of whey tea. The stability of the beverage was studied at 7±10 0 C for 3 days. The acceptability
more » ... acceptability states that in can be used in cold tea preparations. The organoleptic scores and sensory evaluation confirms the overall acceptability of the beverage. The results obtained indicated that the whey treated with 1.5% tea received wide acceptability among the sensory panelist. It was also found the quality parameters of whey tea by using standard physico chemical, microbial and sensory properties showed that when the concentration of tea goes beyond 2% strong tea flavour with bitterness in product was observed. Hence combining tea with whey in the acceptable range yields a healthy beverage enriched with poly phenols. This may allow the consumers to consume whey without changing its original attributes.