Protein malnutrition alters the distribution of Fc gamma R+ (T gamma) and Fc mu R+ (T mu) T lymphocytes in experimental pulmonary tuberculosis

D N McMurray, R A Bartow, C L Mintzer
1990 Infection and Immunity  
Inbred, strain 2 guinea pigs were given isocaloric diets containing either 30% (control diet) or 10% (low-protein diet) ovalbumin and infected 4 weeks later by the respiratory route with virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis. By using an Fc receptor rosette assay, the proportions of T lymphocytes bearing Fc receptors for immunoglobulin G (T-y cells) or immunoglobulin M (T,u cells) were quantified in blood and lymphoid tissues taken postinfection. A signfficant elevation in the proportion of the
more » ... proportion of the putative suppressor T subset (T-y) in the blood of protein-deprived guinea pigs was observed at all intervals postinfection. Conversely, the levels of the putative helper T subset (T,u) in the bronchotracheal lymph nodes draining the site of virulent infection in malnourished animals were significantly reduced. Diet did not influence Ty or T,u cells in the spleens. Diet-induced loss of purified protein derivative-specific T-cell functions in tuberculosis may be associated with alterations in the proportions of or the balances between Ty and T,u subsets.
doi:10.1128/iai.58.2.563-565.1990 fatcat:nvyxammmbjagli5gk7zazvdglu