The First Guaian-12-oic Acid Glucopyranosyl Ester and Other Constituents from Picris rhagadioloides (L.) Desf. (Asteraceae)

Klaudia Michalska, Wanda Kisiel
2008 Molecules  
The first guaian-12-oic acid glucopyranosyl ester was isolated from the roots of Picris rhagadioloides (L.) Desf. (Asteraceae), in addition to five costuslactone-type guaianolides, four germacranolides and three phenolic compounds. This is the first time that the known phenolics syringaldehyde and syringaresinol, as well as the known sesquiterpene lactones glucozaluzanin C, cichorioside C and hypochoeroside A have been described from a Picris species. The compounds were characterized on the
more » ... cterized on the basis of physicochemical, 1D-and 2D-NMR spectroscopic, and mass spectrometric data.
doi:10.3390/molecules13020444 pmid:18305430 fatcat:6lop4cb3gzbrlngwxzcj5mowuu