Análisis y Diseño de Algoritmos de Control Discreto de Sistemas MIMO Lineales y No Lineales Aplicando Técnicas de Control de Estructura Variable [thesis]

José Darío Luis Delgado
Over the last four decades, variable structure controllers with sliding mode (VSC-SM ) have been extensively studied, demonstrating to be a robust solution among robust nonlinear processes control techniques. Since the late 80s, several research works have been focused on the application of VSC controllers applied to discrete time or sampled data systems, which are known as DVSC-SM, where the most extensive source of analysis has been devoted to the robustness and invariance properties of
more » ... controllers when applied to discrete systems. The main aim of this doctoral thesis work is to study, analyze and propose a design scheme of DVSC-SM controllers for lineal and nonlinear multivariable discrete time processes. For this purpose, a new design philosophy is proposed, where various design features have been considered that have not been analyzed in DVSC design approaches. Among them, the physical limitations and the nonideal dynamic sliding mode dynamics. The most innovative aspect is the inclusion of a new design methodology applied to lineal sliding surfaces MIMO systems and the extension to nonlinear multivariable systems, in addition to a new robust control law applied to lineal and nonlinear MIMO systems, including a chattering reduction scheme. Finally, to illustrate the e ciency of the proposed schemes, several numerical examples applied to lineal and nonlinear systems are included.
doi:10.20868/upm.thesis.39861 fatcat:omqvfrvnj5eyvpzzahfzkha5ey