Effect of Construction Errors in Cable Forces of Single-Story Orthogonal Cable Network Structures Based on GA-BPNN

Zeqiang Wang, Guoliang Shi, Zhansheng Liu, Yanchi Mo, Bo Si, Yang Hu, Yongliang Wang
2022 Buildings  
The construction process of cable net structure is complicated, which leads to the strong randomness of construction errors. The safety state of the cable net structure is very sensitive to construction errors. Obtaining the coupling relationship between construction errors and cable force response efficiently and accurately is critical to developing the construction technique of cable structures. This paper proposed an analysis method based on a genetic algorithm optimized back propagation
more » ... al network (GA-BPNN) to judge the influence of construction error on the cable force of single-layer orthogonal cable network structures. Taking the speed skating stadium of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games as the research object, this paper analyzed the structure form of the venue. According to the characteristics of cable network structure and GA-BPNN calculation, the principle of construction error analysis was put forward. The influence of construction errors of load-bearing cables and stable cables on cable force response was analyzed. The influence degree of different component errors on structural cable forces was obtained, and the most unfavorable key components were obtained. For the key components, the influence trend of different construction errors on cable force was analyzed, and the fitting formula was given. Driven by GA-BPNN, it can realize the analysis of structural and mechanical responses under the action of multi-type, multi-component, and multi-combination construction errors. The results show that the research method efficiently and accurately obtains the performance law of structural cable force under the influence of construction error, effectively predicts the influencing factors of the structural safety risk, and effectively avoids structural safety accidents caused by construction error. The construction errors analysis method based on GA-BPNN proposed in this paper can provide a reference for similar structural analysis and application.
doi:10.3390/buildings12122253 fatcat:o45p5m5hzjg7fben3p5elpk7ve