Physics-based integration of multiple sensing modalities for scene interpretation

N. Nandhakumar, J.K. Aggarwal
1997 Proceedings of the IEEE  
The fusion of multiple imaging modalities offers many advantages over the analysis, separately, of the individual sensory modalities. In this paper we present a unique approach to the integrated analysis of disparate sources of imagery for object recognition. The approach is based on physics-based modeling of the image generation mechanisms. Such models make possible features that are physically meaningful and have an improved capacity to differentiate between multiple classes of objects. We
more » ... ustrate the use of physics-based approach to develop multisensory vision systems for different object recognition application domains. The paper discusses the integration of different suites of sensors, the integration of image-derived information with model-derived information, and the physics-based simulation of multisensory imagery.
doi:10.1109/5.554215 fatcat:bi66kt7x3bbnxdnxflc4kqu6sm