Acoustic emission diagnosis for human joint cartilage diseases

Krzysztof Wierzcholski
Purpose: The topic of the presented paper concerns the diagnosis of the wear and diseases of human joint cartilage performed by the acoustic waves emission. The aim of this paper is the determining of the necessary parameters for the diagnosis about the wear and diseases of human joint cartilage. Material And Method: To the research methods used in this paper belong the evaluation of measurement results of the cartilage surface samples obtained by means of laser and mechanical sensor and
more » ... l sensor and acoustic emission wave might or voltage gained from the AE apparatus during the treatments performed for normal and pathological used and not used human knee and hip joints. Results: The results concern with the corollaries which are implied from reading values gained by virtue of the acoustic emission Apparatus, and from observations from cartilage surface pictures obtained from laser and mechanical sensors. The diagnose of concrete cartilage illness depends on the proper relative values of obtained strongest of generated AE wave as well as the shapes and amplitudes of acoustic waves and wave frequencies. Conclusions: The main conclusions obtained in this paper are as follows: connections between synovial fluid dynamic viscosity or friction forces and intensity of acoustic emission values, the determination of the type of lesions and deformations of the human joint cartilage surface by means of the shapes architecture of the acoustic emission waves. Moreover are indicated the necessary conditions for the diagnosis of the such dieses as: pathological cartilage with arthritic or osteoporosis or rheumatology changes.
doi:10.5277/abb-00256-2014-03 fatcat:7twtui2as5bptcsr3wvco3gidi