Treatment of widespread infected wounds of different etiology

Olha Kovalenko, Oksana Osadcha, Anton Kovalenko, Vitalii Nazarenko
2019 Perioperative Medicine  
Background. The infections problem of the surgical departments is increasing due to resistance of pathogens to antibiotics, so it becomes an important issue to develop new regimens for the treatment of common infected wounds. The aim of the study was expanding the possibility of treating infected wounds with the use of infusion therapy with reosorbylact, decasan antiseptic, and braxone and leflocin antibiotics. Materials and Methods. 55 patients with infected wounds of different etiology were
more » ... cluded in the study. The mean patients age was 43.4 ± 4.7 years. Decasan antiseptic used in the treatment of infected wounds in patients of the main group, the antibiotics braxon (tobramycin) and leflocin 750 (levofloxacinum) is intended simultaneously for empirical antibiotic therapy, reosorbylact solution is included in the infusion therapy. Results. Intoxication syndrome was observed in patients with widespread infected wounds. The initial level of urea blood exceeded 1.6–1.7 times after the patient admission. Creatinine level decreased by 23 % from baseline for 5–7 days of treatment, in patients of the main group during infusion detoxication therapy with Reosorbylact, it remained raised to 9–11 days in patients of the comparison group. Leukocytosis, TGN, and LII decreased in case of empirical antibacterial therapy with braxone (tobramycin) and leflосin 750. The number of microbial associations decreased to 1.6 ± 0.3 using decasan for wound treatment up to 9 days. Bacterial contamination of wounds decreased to a level suitable for effective auto graft (<104 per 1 g of tissue). Conclusions. The complex program of treatment for patients with infected wounds contributed to the reduction of intoxication syndrome, faster reduction of the number of microorganisms in the wound, preparation of wounds for skin graft, shortening the treatment time by 4.3 days.
doi:10.31636/prmd.v2i2.5 fatcat:xsadaszrbfcehbh3fo37qimwde