Radon indoor concentrations and activity of radionuclides in building materials in Serbia

Dragana Popovic, Dragana Todorovic
2006 Facta universitatis - series Physics Chemistry and Technology  
The paper presents the results of radon indoor concentrations measurements in homes and public institutions (kindergardens) in Belgrade, as well as the results of the radionuclides content determination in building materials from Serbia, during the eighties and up to the mid-nineties of the 20 th century. The activity of the radionuclides was determined on an HPGe detector (ORTEC, relative efficiency 20%) by standard gamma spectrometry. Radon indoor concentrations on the grab samples of air
more » ... samples of air were determined by alpha scintillation technique (Lucas scintilation cell with ZnS/Ag). Mean effective dose equivevalents of radon and its progenies in closed space were estimated at 0.074 mSv for radon and 1.22 mSv for its short-lived daughters, in total 1.3 mSv.
doi:10.2298/fupct0601011p fatcat:sycikpjgyva6vhv2xqrfg4mz2m