Simplified variational principles for barotropic magnetohydrodynamics

2008 Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
Variational principles for magnetohydrodynamics were introduced by previous authors both in Lagrangian and Eulerian form. In a previous work Yahalom & Lynden-Bell introduced a simpler Eulerian variational principles from which all the relevant equations of magnetohydrodynamics can be derived. The variational principle was given in terms of six independent functions for non-stationary flows and three independent functions for stationary flows. This is less then the seven variables which appear
more » ... the standard equations of magnetohydrodynamics which are the magnetic field B⃗ the velocity field v⃗ and the density ρ. In this work I will improve on the previous results showing that non-stationary magnetohydrodynamics should be described by four functions .
doi:10.1017/s0022112008002024 fatcat:6phukm62ivd4pbgp6uep7fjzbu