Enhancement of mobility in an interacting colloidal system under feedback control

Robert Gernert, Sabine H. L. Klapp
2015 Physical Review E  
Feedback control schemes are a promising way to manipulate transport properties of driven colloidal suspensions. In the present article we suggest a feedback scheme to enhance the collective transport of colloidal particles with repulsive interactions through a one-dimensional tilted washboard potential. The control is modelled by a harmonic confining potential, mimicking an optical "trap", with the center of this trap moving with the (instantaneous) mean particle position. Our theoretical
more » ... sis is based on the Smoluchowski equation combined with Dynamical Density Functional Theory (DDFT) for systems with hard-core or ultra-soft (Gaussian) interactions. For either type of interaction we find that the feedback control can lead to an enhancement of the mobility by several orders of magnitude relative to the uncontrolled case. The largest effects occur for intermediate stiffness of the trap and large particle numbers. Moreover, in some regions of the parameter space the feedback control induces oscillations of the mean velocity. Finally, we show that the enhancement of mobility is robust against a small time delay in implementing the feedback control.
doi:10.1103/physreve.92.022132 pmid:26382369 fatcat:wnwsjpd6abbr3brh6io556yewi