Study of the Effect of Inorganic Particles on the Gas Transport Properties of Glassy Polyimides for Selective CO2 and H2O Separation [post]

Sara Escorihuela, Lucia Valero, Alberto Tena, Sergey Shishatskiy, Sonia Escolastico, Torsten Brinkmann, Jose Manuel Serra
2018 unpublished
Three polyimides and six inorganic fillers in a form of nanometer-sized particles were studied as thick film solution cast mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) for transport of CO2, CH4 and H2O. Gas transport properties and electron microscopy images indicate good polymer-filler compatibility for all membranes. The only filler type which demonstrated good distribution throughout the membrane thickness at 10 wt. % loading was BaCe0.2Zr0.7Y0.1O3 (BCZY). The influence of this filler on MMM gas transport
more » ... MMM gas transport properties was studied in detail for 6FDA-6FpDA in a filler content range from 1 to 20 wt.% and for Matrimid® and P84® at 10 wt. % loading. The most promising result was obtained for Matrimid® - 10wt% BCZY MMM, which showed improvement in CO2 and H2O permeabilities accompanied by increased CO2/CH4 selectivity and high water selective membrane at elevated temperatures without H2O/permanent gas selectivity loss.
doi:10.20944/preprints201811.0186.v1 fatcat:ufvcbbata5gopjd5jboda37g34