[The formation of ordered microstructures by slip casting and related processes]. Progress report [report]

1992 unpublished
DE92 007847 SIINN/_¥ The existing three-year grant pertaining to "The control of microstructures during consolidation and injection molding of colloidal i L dispersions" began July I, 1988 as a continuation of a previous grant. The _ overall effort seeks to answer fundamental questions relevant to the L, colloidal processing of submicron particles leading to ceramic materials for structural, electronic, or optical applications. At the outset two distinct projects were envisioned, an exploration
more » ... ned, an exploration of the ultrasonic enhancement of ', disorder-order transit_6ns and a detailed study of injection molding of very dense dispersions, with each weighted toward experiments but with theoretical components. As the effort evolved the focus shifted in response to the interests of the students attractedto the project, the identification of interesting related problems through technical meetings, and different insights gained during participation in a DOE sponsored workshop. The scope that has emerged encompasses --c_mpletion of,i,[esearch begun during the first grant period on disorder-order transitions occurring during sedimentation, --the consolidation of flocculated dispersions via filtration, and --the assembly of nanometer-sized particle into dense packings. i
doi:10.2172/10123195 fatcat:mlcc5hco7zh6xolstfnnc3cfna