In vitro propagation of Morus alba L. in semisolid culture medium

Enrique Salas Barbosa, Daniel Agramonte, Raúl Barbón, Felipe Jiménez, Raúl Collado, Martha Pérez, Odalys Gutiérrez
2005 Biotecnología Vegetal  
Apical buds as explants were used with the objective to propagate in vitro mulberry plants in semisolid MS culture medium suplemented with 6-BAP and KIN in their establishment and, with different combinations of 6-BAP with ANA in the multiplication phase. In vitro plants were evaluated during the acclimatization phase. It is necessary to supplement the basal MS culture media with 0.5 mg.l-1 of 6-BAP to induce the sprouting and, 0.5 mg.l-1 of 6-BAP and 0.5 mg.l-1 of ANA to multiply the mulberry
more » ... y nodal segments. In the acclimatization phase a 95% of survival, 30.2 cm of height, 9.8 leaves and 2.02 g.plant-1 of dry mass was observed. In vitro propagation of mulberry was achieved as an alternative for plants production. Key words: acclimatization, apical buds, establishment, explant, shooting
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