Automatic Configuration for Optimal Communication Scheduling in DNN Training [article]

Yiqing Ma, Hao Wang, Yiming Zhang, Kai Chen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
ByteScheduler partitions and rearranges tensor transmissions to improve the communication efficiency of distributed Deep Neural Network (DNN) training. The configuration of hyper-parameters (i.e., the partition size and the credit size) is critical to the effectiveness of partitioning and rearrangement. Currently, ByteScheduler adopts Bayesian Optimization (BO) to find the optimal configuration for the hyper-parameters beforehand. In practice, however, various runtime factors (e.g., worker node
more » ... status and network conditions) change over time, making the statically-determined one-shot configuration result suboptimal for real-world DNN training. To address this problem, we present a real-time configuration method (called AutoByte) that automatically and timely searches the optimal hyper-parameters as the training systems dynamically change. AutoByte extends the ByteScheduler framework with a meta-network, which takes the system's runtime statistics as its input and outputs predictions for speedups under specific configurations. Evaluation results on various DNN models show that AutoByte can dynamically tune the hyper-parameters with low resource usage, and deliver up to 33.2\% higher performance than the best static configuration in ByteScheduler.
arXiv:2112.13509v1 fatcat:hgap4lualba3houm7h4j4vrfsq