Effect of flashing amber light on the nutritional quality of green sprouts

A Urbonavičiūtė, G Samuolienė, S Sakalauskienė, A Brazaitytė, J Jankauskienė, P Duchovskis, V Ruzgas, A Stonkus, P Vitta, A Žukauskas, G Tamulaitis
We report on the application of flashing amber (596 nm) light-emitting diodes (LEDs), supplemental to high pressure sodium lamps, for the cultivation of green sprouts, such as wheatgrass, barley grass, and leafy radish. The flashing light was found to significantly affect metabolism, thus conditioning the nutritional quality of the sprouts. In particular, it causes stressful conditions for the plants and within a short growth period can promote the synthesis of antioxidative compounds, such as
more » ... compounds, such as vitamin C, phenolic compounds and carotenoids. However, the flashing amber light effect is dependent on the plant species.