New Opportunities for the City of Belém, Brazil

Sophia Cabral
This publication reviews student work done in the summer of 2022 at Florida International University, analyzing it beyond the studio to understand the real-world implications of the ideas formulated during the semester. This summer semester required students to design by combining knowledge gained from collecting urban data and geographical information and the knowledge gained by understanding some natural processes and using them to create "natural" human-made systems. The site for these
more » ... entions is the city of Belem, located on the edge of the Amazon in Brazil. A town with close ties to the Amazon but that often struggles to harmonize with it. The studio's goal was to solve an urban problem using a "natural" solution. For example, Amazon uses all the nutrients it makes; it is a closed-loop system. How do we learn from this process to solve the waste problem in Belem?
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.21583923.v1 fatcat:si7hutehvzg2riphwfpk5kaaym