D-brane interactions in type IIB plane-wave background

Oren Bergman, Matthias R Gaberdiel, Michael B Green
2003 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The cylinder diagrams that determine the static interactions between pairs of Dp-branes in the type IIB plane wave background are evaluated. The resulting expressions are elegant generalizations of the flat-space formulae that depend on the value of the Ramond-Ramond flux of the background in a non-trivial manner. The closed-string and open-string descriptions consistently transform into each other under a modular transformation only when each of the interacting D-branes separately preserves
more » ... rately preserves half the supersymmetries. These results are derived for configurations of euclidean signature D(p+1)-instantons but also generalize to lorentzian signature Dp-branes.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2003/03/002 fatcat:eyllr5dcerfxlh25jliwcc6zey