Nonlinear Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of a Double-Notch Hydraulic Engine Mount

E Piltan, R Tikani
2017 AJSR-Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
Hydraulic engine mounts are used to support powertrain and to reduce transmitted vibration from motors to the frame. One important use of hydraulic engine mounts is in aviation industry. In turbofans, maximum amplitude of vibration occurs at two distinct frequencies. So, by using an engine mount with maximum flexibility at these frequencies (called notch frequency), one can achieve reduction of transmission of engine induced vibrations to cabin. Here in this paper, using bond graph method,
more » ... graph method, linear modeling of a double-notch hydraulic engine mount is done. Then, by applying nonlinear terms, nonlinear modeling of the engine mount is carried out using variance method. It has been shown that the dynamic stiffness will be changed by considering nonlinear terms. Finally, sensitivity analysis is applied to show the effect of each parameter on dynamic behavior of the mount. It has been shown that diameters of outer and inner inertia tracks are most effective parameters on the first and second notch frequencies, respectively.