Highly Active Electrocatalyst based on Ultra-low Loading of Ruthenium Supported on Titanium Carbide for Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Junghwan Kim, Sang-Mun Jung, Kyu-Su Kim, Sang-Hoon You, Byung-Jo Lee, Yong-Tae Kim
2022 Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology  
With the emerging importance of catalysts for water electrolysis, developing efficient and inexpensive electrocatalysts for water electrolysis plays a vital role in renewable hydrogen energy technology. In this study, a 1nm thickness of TiC-supported Ru catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) has been successfully fabricated using an electron (E)-beam evaporator and thermal decomposition of gaseous CH4 in a furnace. The prepared Ru/TiC catalyst exhibited an outstanding performance for
more » ... aline hydrogen evolution reaction with an overpotential of 55 mV at 10 mA cm−2. Furthermore, we demonstrated that the outstanding HER performance of Ru/TiC was attributed to the high surface area of the support and the metal-support interaction.
doi:10.33961/jecst.2022.00178 fatcat:3v2kijsvhrasdfshksahzuq5ue