Measurement of Radioactive Concentrations and Determination of Isotopes Using Portable Devices for Radiochemistry Laboratories Al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Site in Iraq

Hayder Rayed Fadhil, Iman Tarik Al-Alawy, Salam Kudhair Al-Nasri
2022 Mustansiriyah Journal of Science  
The measurements of radioactive concentrations using portable radiological devices for radiochemistry laboratories at the Al-Tuwaitha nuclear site (section C) were studied, section C consists of three laboratories, C1, C2, and C3 were used, Redeye device to measure the radioactive concentrations of alpha and beta emitters, and the Interceptor™ Specifications device to detect radioisotopes. The results showed the presence of radioactive contamination in Unit C distributed over most of its parts.
more » ... In the C1 laboratory, the highest radioactive contamination was recorded in HCL2 with a concentration of 113.65Bq/cm2. In addition, the C2 laboratory recorded the highest radioactive concentration in FH1 with a concentration of 830.14Bq/cm2 for Beta particle emitters, while the C3 laboratory recorded the highest pollution in FH contamination with a radioactive concentration of 75.26 Bq/cm2. The results show that location C shows the isotopes detected in the laboratory components, such as Cesium 137Cs, Neptunium 237Np, and Americium 241Am. The results showed the presence of contamination on the laboratory floor in the fourth part, contaminated with Americium 241Am and Lutetium 167Lu isotopes. While location B did not record radioactive contamination in most of its parts except for room B8 which recorded radioactive concentrations of about 1.33 Bq/cm2. While location A, that is, no radioactive contamination was recorded, and the readings were within the permissible limits
doi:10.23851/mjs.v33i4.1159 fatcat:3pwae3blfvfvbb2cpe7yb34jom