Energy-Efficient Urgent Packet Forwarding Mechanism

Achyut Shankar, T Manoranjitham
A fast transmission mechanism of urgent information is essential for establishing a wireless sensor network infrastructure for a safe and secure living environment. Some messages can be more urgent than others due to critical values of the sensed data. Such messages may be required to be delivered within a specified deadline and increased delay in message delivery may not be tolerated in those cases. In this paper, a forwarding method is proposed for transmitting those urgent messages in
more » ... s sensor network. This method includes three things .Firstly, Priority scheduling which will differentiate incoming packets. Secondly, elimination of expired packets for reducing buffer overhead. Thirdly, Emergency wake-up method (for sleep node) for the node which is in sleep mode. We verified our proposed mechanism through simulation experiments and showed that it drastically improved the latency of the urgent information transmission.