Effects of misalignments on space-charge-dominated heavy ion beams in an IRE

C.M. Celata, M.J.L. De Hoon, J.J. Barnard
Proceedings of the 1999 Particle Accelerator Conference (Cat. No.99CH36366)  
Preliminary designs for the next large accelerator experiment envisioned for the Heavy Ion Fusion program, the IRE (Integrated Research Experiment) use an induction linac to accelerate multiple space-charge-dominated ion beams to an energy of several hundred MeV, and focus them at a target. This paper examines the effect of beam and quadrupole misalignments on beam emittance in the IRE. The dependence of the centroid orbit on the scaling of focusing parameters with z is analyzed. PIC
more » ... including misalignment give acceptable emittance growth for present IRE designs.
doi:10.1109/pac.1999.794265 fatcat:h2wqmtuxdfeilpmq4wz4dbjs4u