Decision Support System for Yield of Crop Varieties

Madhu Priyadarshi
Journal of Agroecology and Natural Resource Management   unpublished
Information is one of the important components of today's life. There are fairly large amount of observed evidences that intuitive judgment of human being and capacity of decision making is far from the desired and best decision, and it further become worse even with complexity and stress. To improve quality of decision, disciplines such as economics, statistics and operations research developed various methods for making intellectual choices. Within the past few years, techniques from
more » ... iques from information science and artificial intelligence have been implemented in the form of computer programs. "Decision Support System for Yield of Crop Accessions" is an information system which aims to filter data according to the choice made by user. Hence it helps users to make different choice to get the desired results. At Present this system consists data of four crops viz: Name of accessions, Yield. The objective is based on the thought to collect data from all locations and develop a web based retrieval system which can help user to evaluate the accessions grown at various locations, year-wise. It helps to know which accession is suitable for which type of location and giving more yield.