Terabit optical local area networks for multiprocessing systems

Ted H. Szymanski, Albert Au, Myriam Lafrenière-Roula, Victor Tyan, Boonchuay Supmonchai, James Wong, Belkacem Zerrouk, Stefan Thomas Obenaus
1998 Applied Optics  
The design of a scalable optical local area network for multiprocessing systems is described. Each workstation has a parallel-fiber-ribbon optical link to a centralized complementary metal-oxide silicon ͑CMOS͒ switch core, implemented on a single compact printed circuit board ͑PCB͒. When the Motorola Optobus fiber technology is used, each workstation has a data bandwidth of 6.4 Gbits͞s to the core. A centralized switch core interconnecting 32 workstations supports a 204-Gbit͞s aggregate data
more » ... dwidth. The switch core is based on a conventional broadcast-and-select architecture, implemented with parallel CMOS integrated circuits ͑IC's͒. The switch core scales well; by incorporation of the CMOS optoelectronic IC's with optical input-output, the electrical core can be reduced to a single-chip optoelectronic IC with terabit capacities. A prototype of an optoelectronic switch core has been fabricated and is described. The appeal of the architecture includes its reliance on commercially available parallelfiber technology, its reliance on the well-developed markets of local area networks and networks of workstations, and its smooth scalability from the electrical to optical domains as technology matures.
doi:10.1364/ao.37.000264 pmid:18268582 fatcat:avohkkfsd5gvboowfb6fcmqbcq