Object-oriented software for evaluating measurement uncertainty

B D Hall
2013 Measurement science and technology  
An earlier publication (B. D. Hall, Metrologia, 43 (2006) L56-L61) introduced the notion of an uncertain number that can be used in data processing to represent quantity estimates with associated uncertainty. The approach can be automated, allowing data processing algorithms to be decomposed into convenient steps, so that complicated measurement procedures can be handled. This article illustrates the uncertain-number approach using several simple measurement scenarios and two different software
more » ... tools. One is an extension library for Microsoft Excel R . The other is a special-purpose calculator using the Python programming language. Abstraction is a commonly used computational device. For example, special commands are often available complex-number maths and matrix operations that hide lower-level operations and make it easier to describe calculations. class Meter(object):
doi:10.1088/0957-0233/24/5/055004 fatcat:xu6jseriufem7nz32aoyx3zqru