On Agents and Grids: Creating the Fabric for a New Generation of Distributed Intelligent Systems

Yolanda Gil
2006 Social Science Research Network  
The semantic grid is the result of semantic web and grid researchers building bridges in recognition of the shared vision and research agenda of both fields. This paper builds on prior experiences with both agents and grids to illustrate the benefits of bringing agents into the mix. Because semantic grids represent and reason about knowledge declaratively, additional capabilities typical of agents are then possible including learning, planning, self-repair, memory organization, meta-reasoning,
more » ... nd task-level coordination. These capabilities would turn semantic grids into cognitive grids. Only a convergence of these technologies will provide the ingredients to create the fabric for a new generation of distributed intelligent systems. Why Grid: Limitations of Current Multi-Agent Systems for Robust and Sustainable Performance Robustness is a very important requirement for distributed problem solving of the kind performed by multi-agent systems. Robustness is challenging when heterogeneous collections of components need to be coordinated in a highly dynamic non-centralized execution environment. These are the environments that grids were designed to address. Reliability, quality of service, and robustness have been central themes in grid research as essential architectural principles. Research in multi-agent systems has focused more on distributed operations at the task level, concentrating on architectures, agent communication languages, and coordination [Finin et al 94; Cheyer and Martin 01; FIPA 02]. We argue that grid environments provide an ideal substrate for developing multi-agent architectures and distributed problem solving capabilities. This section describes key features provided by grid services [Foster et al 02; Tuecke et al 03] and their relevance to support robust implementations of agent-based systems.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3199331 fatcat:6uwn2cofu5bobbogv73d4ft2be