Sampling-based control synthesis for multi-robot systems under global temporal specifications

Yiannis Kantaros, Michael M. Zavlanos
2017 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems - ICCPS '17  
is paper proposes a sampling-based algorithm for multi-robot control synthesis under global Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) formulas. Robot mobility is captured by transition systems whose states represent regions in the environment that satisfy atomic propositions. Existing planning approaches under global temporal goals rely on graph search techniques applied to a synchronous product automaton constructed among the robots. As the number of robots increases, the state-space of the product
more » ... grows exponentially and, as a result, graph search techniques become intractable. In this paper, we propose a new sampling-based algorithm that builds incrementally a directed tree that approximates the statespace and transitions of the synchronous product automaton. By approximating the product automaton by a tree rather than representing it explicitly, we require much fewer resources to store it and motion plans can be found by tracing the sequence of parent nodes from the leaves back to the root without the need for sophisticated graph search techniques. is signi cantly increases scalability of our algorithm compared to existing model-checking methods. We also show that our algorithm is probabilistically complete and asymptotically optimal and present numerical experiments that show that it can be used to model-check product automata with billions of states, which was not possible using an o -the-shelf model checker. CCS CONCEPTS •Computing methodologies →Planning and scheduling; Multiagent planning; Motion path planning; Robotic planning; Distributed arti cial intelligence; • eory of computation →Formal languages and automata theory;
doi:10.1145/3055004.3055027 dblp:conf/iccps/KantarosZ17 fatcat:alyzc6jykjdclo7ns5ugwukaeq