Impact of patient engagement on the design of a mobile health technology for cardiac surgery [article]

Anna M Chudyk, Sandra Ragheb, David Kent, Todd Duhamel, Carole Hyra, Mudra Dave, Rakesh Arora, Annette Schultz
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
Objective The aims of this study were to describe the impact of patient engagement on the initial design and content of a mobile health (mHealth) technology that supports enhanced recovery protocols (ERPs) for cardiac surgery. Methods Engagement occurred at the level of consultation and took the form of an advisory panel. Patients that underwent cardiac surgery (2017-2018) at St. Boniface Hospital (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and consented to be contacted about future research, and their caregivers,
more » ... e approached for participation. A qualitative exploration was undertaken to determine advisory panel members key messages about, and the impact of, patient engagement on mHealth technology design and content. Results Ten individuals participated in the advisory panel. Key design-specific messages centered around access, tracking, synchronization, and reminders. Key content-specific messages centered around roles of cardiac surgery team members and medical terms, educational videos, information regarding cardiac surgery procedures, travel before/after surgery, nutrition (i.e., what to eat), medications (i.e., drug interactions), resources (i.e., medical devices), and physical activity (i.e., addressing fears and providing information, recommendations, and instructions). These key messages were a rich source of information for mHealth technology developers and were incorporated as supported by the existing capabilities of the underlying technology platform. Conclusions Patient engagement facilitated the development of a mHealth technology whose design and content were driven by the lived experiences of cardiac surgery patients and caregivers. The result was a detail-oriented and patient-centered mHealth technology that helps to empower and inform patients and their caregivers about the patient journey across the perioperative period of cardiac surgery.
doi:10.1101/2020.07.22.20159848 fatcat:6lw5lcjphvfilg3wqwh5rtihs4