Partha Sarathi Mishra .
2015 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
This paper focuses on selection criteria for strategic location of Buddhist monasteries that influence their way of living. Many physical components influences the livability and in the creation of serene environments. Buddhist history depicts the way of life of Bhikshu-samuha relied upon concentrating and vitalizing their senses in isolation through Ayatana, thus inferring undisturbed abodes. So, Sangha -Dharma had its implications in forming their functional living spaces. So the site
more » ... n criteria for Aramas have specific considerations such as: Water as an element control the human emotions and regulates materialistic and non-materialistic aspects. Another element which is nature's canvas dealing with articulation of built spaces along with its magnificent scenic backdrop. Vista as an element gives us an idea of creating a platform for admiring the available panoramic view for regulating emotional and spiritual conscience. Further, Interaction spaces concentrate on creating a common platform for learning, performing prayers, meditation and social sharing. This paper explains these parameters of selection criteria for site selection through some case studies and visual analysis. Many points have been taken into consideration in concluding this paper as acclimatization of different landmasses during various seasons and the then conventional security systems.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2015.0403041 fatcat:ybux3cr6szcx7ghxgxzye5ba44