Treatment of malignant glaucoma with minimal invasive vitrectomy surgery

Li Meng, Xiao-Dong Han, Yan-Long Li, Min Yang, Meng Li, Xi蒺an Aier
誗AIM:To evaluate the efficacy of 25G vitrectomy surgery for malignant glaucoma. 誗METHODS: Thirteen eyes of 11 patients with malignant glaucoma who had a history of primary angle-closure glaucoma were analyzed retrospectively from September 2012 to October 2013 in our hospital. All patients had undergone a prior surgery of trebeculectomy combined with iridectomy. The pre-operative mean best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) in LogMAR was 0. 70 依 0. 13 and the mean intraocular pressure (IOP) was 41.
more » ... 3 依 12. 7mmHg. Corneal edema, ciliary body edema and very shallow anterior chamber with a mean value of 0. 69 依 0. 17mm were showed by ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM). Anterior vitrectomy and posterior capsulotomy were performed with 25G vitrectomy system in all eyes. Seven phakic eyes underwent phacoimulsification combined IOL implantation surgery during vitrectomy. 誗RESULTS: The patients were followed up for 6 ~ 18mo with an average of 11. 7依5. 4mo. BCVA at the last follow-up improved to 0. 29 依 0. 08 and the mean IOP was 18. 6 依 3郾 9mmHg. UBM results showed that ciliary body edema was eliminated, the iris was flattened and the anterior chamber was deepened with a mean depth of 2. 48 依 0郾 31mm at 1mo after surgery. Postoperative complications included corneal edma, Descemet membrane folds, anterior chamber inflammation, fibrotic exudation, local iris posterior synechia and hypotony (IOP臆5mmHg). One eye had high IOP of 26. 4mmHg and required long-term topical antiglaucoma medication to control the IOP 臆 21mmHg. No complications such as corneal endothelium decompensation, IOL capture, intraocular hemorrhage, infection and uncontrolled IOP were observed. 誗CONCLUSION: 25G vitrectomy is safe and effective for treating malignant glaucoma, controls IOP and reduces complications associated with traditional vitrectomy. Combined vitrectomy with phacoemulsification may improve the success rate and visual function. 誗KEYWORDS:malignant glaucoma; vitrectomy Citation:Meng L,Han XD, Li YL, et al. Treatment of malignant glaucoma with minimal invasive vitrectomy surgery. Guoji Yanke Zazhi(Int Eye Sci) 2015;15(9) :1645-1647