Paper strength improvement by inclusion of nano-ligno-cellulose to Chemi-thermomechanical pulp

2014 Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal  
So far, chemical pulp fibres have been utilized as conventional stock materials for nanocellulose production. The main aim of this work is to use stock materials from mechanical or chemi-thermomechanical pulping process to produce lignin containing nanofibres, which are referred to as nano-ligno-cellulose (NLC) in this study. The present study shows the influence on handsheets of chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) fibres blended with NLC. For comparison reasons, nanocellulose (NC) from bleached
more » ... (NC) from bleached kraft pulp (BKP) was produced in a similar approach as NLC. Both the NLC and the NC were blended with their respective pulp fibres and their corresponding handsheets properties were evaluated with respect to sheet density. It was found that the handsheets of pulp fibres blended with NLC/NC improved the mechanical properties of handsheets with only a slight effect in relation to the sheet density. Improvements in strength properties of handsheets such as z-strength, tensile index, tear index, burst index, Emodulus, strain at break, tensile stiffness, air resistance were observed. ADDRESSES OF THE AUTHORS: Sinke H. Osong (, Sven Norgren (, Per Engstrand (, FSCN, Mid Sweden University,
doi:10.3183/npprj-2014-29-02-p309-316 fatcat:4jdu3i34w5fv3ct2mmauzhd7me