Surveying pulsating auroras

Eric Grono, Eric Donovan
2019 Annales Geophysicae Discussions  
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> The early morning auroral oval is dominated by pulsating auroras. This category of aurora has often been discussed as if it is just one phenomenon, but it is not. Pulsating auroras are separable based on the extent of their pulsation and structuring into at least three subcategories. This study surveyed 10 years of all-sky camera data to determine the occurrence probability for each type of pulsating aurora in magnetic local time and magnetic latitude. Amorphous
more » ... itude. Amorphous pulsating aurora is found to be a nearly ubiquitous early morning aurora, and pulsating aurora is almost exclusively amorphous pre-midnight. Occurrence distributions for each type of pulsating aurora are mapped into the magnetosphere to approximately determine the location of their source regions. The patchy and patchy pulsating aurora distributions primarily map to locations approximately between 4 and 9&amp;thinsp;R<sub>E</sub>, while some amorphous pulsating aurora maps to farther distances.</p>
doi:10.5194/angeo-2019-129 fatcat:26e6w2rywfgjbben7aelbtiwgi