Teks dan Konteks Kitab Hadis Melayu Pertama: Studi atas Naskah Hidayat al-Habib Karya al-Raniri

Alimron Alimron
2018 Diya Al-Afkar: Jurnal Studi al-Quran dan al-Hadis  
This is a study of Hida> yat al-H{ abib's text, the first Malay hadi> th book of Nuruddin al-Raniri. This study aims to describe Hida> yat al-H{ abi> b's text, present its text edits and understand its contents, and understand its contextuality in the traditions of the h} adi> th in Nusantara. Hida> yat al-H{ abib's texts contain a collection of h} adi> ths of the Prophet Muhammad which consists of 53 chapters in which contains the h} adi> ths on the recommendation of the good deed (targhi> b)
more » ... d deed (targhi> b) and the threat for the bad deed (tarhi> b), which thematically can be grouped into three major themes, which are related to the morality to Allah and His prophets, morality to other people, and morality to the own self (personality), with the total number of h} adi> ths about 831 hadiths. Contextually, with this work al-Raniri wants to explain comprehensively the guidelines and guidance that the Prophet Saw. taught related to several aspects of life to Muslims, considering the people of the Nusantara at that time despite embracing Islam but in everyday reality there are many who apply various patterns of life and customs that are not in accordance with the Islamic Shari> 'ah.
doi:10.24235/diyaafkar.v6i01.2797 fatcat:orswjnut25acjawowkupmmk3x4