Formation and Behavior of the Two-Layers Structure of Salt and Fresh Water in Lake Abashiri

Hitoshi IKENAGA, Tadashi YAMADA, Kunihide UCHIJIMA, Shinsuke OSHIMA, Kimihito MUKOUYAMA, Michio HIRANO, Yasuro IDE, Keiji TAMURA
Lake Abashiri is a brackish lake located at Abashiri river mouth and forms two-layer structure of salt and fresh water. Here, we analyze the long-term. behaviors of the halocline, defined as boundary of the two layers, from time series of annual precipitation and discharge in Abashiri river basin. Using a echo sounder for taking photographes of the halocline, we could show short-terth behavior of the halocline caused by snow melt flood, strong wind and the intrusion of salt water to this lake
more » ... om the sea during flood tide. We carried out numerical analysis regarding the short-term behaviors of the two layers in Lake Abashiri when the wind is blowing hard.
doi:10.2208/prohe.40.589 fatcat:yonp5d2xmnepjkcbnjm6u5xpve