Predicting Density and Refractive Index of Ionic Liquids [chapter]

Mercedes G. Montalbán, Mar Collado-González, F. Guillermo Díaz-Baños, Gloria Víllora
2017 Progress and Developments in Ionic Liquids  
The determination of the physicochemical properties of ionic liquids (ILs), such as density and refractive index, is essential for the design of processes that involve ILs. Density has been widely studied in ILs because of its importance whereas refractive index has received less attention even though its determination is rapid, highly accurate and needs a small amount of sample in most techniques. Due to the large number of possible cation and anion combinations, it is not practical to use
more » ... l and error methods to find a suitable ionic liquid for a given function. It would be preferable to predict physical properties of ILs from their structure. We compile in this work different methods to predict density and refractive index of ILs from literature. Especially, we describe the method developed by the authors in a previous work for predicting density of ILs through their molecular volume. We also correlate our experimental measurements of density and refractive index of ILs in order to predict one of the parameters knowing the other one as a function of temperature. As the measurement of refractive index is very fast and needs only a drop of the ionic liquid, this is also a very useful approach.
doi:10.5772/65790 fatcat:hevlqqim6bfqjgec5akb6j3ule